The natural database connection pool

1.10 Release2021 03 22

Agroal version 1.10, besides the usual bug fixes and improvements, brings some new features to improve correctness when using the pool. The first of these features is a new setting to require that all connections are obtained in the context of a running transaction. For applications that do not run with a transaction manager, a new setting prevents a thread from trying to acquire multiple connections. There were also enhancements to prevent applications crossing transaction boundaries while holding a connection. For those moments when all this safeties fail, there is now a possibility of collecting extra data and provide extra information on leak report.


  • AG-161 - Always verify transaction status
  • AG-162 - Remove the need for synthetic accessors on configuration suppliers
  • AG-163 - Use bound types in generic declarations

Feature Request

  • AG-155 - Warn when a Thread tries to acquire multiple connections
  • AG-156 - Transaction requirement setting
  • AG-157 - Enhanced leak report


  • AG-154 - Connection leak when DB connection closed during transaction rollback
  • AG-158 - Add error codes to XAExceptions thrown