The natural database connection pool

1.0 Release2018 05 25

The long awaited 1.0 release of Agroal builds on top of the previous development releases. The Agroal team got to a point where it’s happy with the feature set, and it’s ready to support it long term. With this release we also stabilize the API, so that there will be no breaking changes in future releases.

While we are very please to achieve this milestone on the project, the future is exciting and still ahead of us. Our commitment is to keep improving Agroal to make it the best choice whenever a connection pool is needed.


  • AG-81 - Change license name
  • AG-82 - remove deprecated API
  • AG-83 - remove lambdas from configuration API
  • AG-84 - Runtime changes to min-size
  • AG-85 - Allow initial-size to be outside the min / max interval