The natural database connection pool

0.3 Release2017 11 22

The third development release of Agroal focus on increasing the quality of the code, as well as aligns with the development of the upcoming Hibernate integration.


  • AG-27 - Improve leak detection to also report connection sharing
  • AG-37 - Add signature file as artifact of API module
  • AG-38 - Simplify parsing of Duration attributes in AgroalReader
  • AG-39 - Deprecate AgroalDataSource.addListener()
  • AG-40 - Misc. code improvements suggested by static analysis
  • AG-41 - Make final some classes that are not intended to be extended
  • AG-42 - Update HikariCP version
  • AG-43 - Deprecate AgroalDataSourceConfiguration.jndiName()


  • AG-28 - Add other sources to AgroalPropertiesReader
  • AG-29 - Security not set when Driver class is not specified
  • AG-30 - Update Junit to 5.0.0
  • AG-31 - Enforce DataSource.close()
  • AG-32 - Set JDBC isolation to the required level
  • AG-33 - Calling close does not seem to close a connection
  • AG-34 - Reset connection attributes when returning to pool
  • AG-35 - Use ServiceLoader to discover implementations
  • AG-36 - Implement as OSGi test