The natural database connection pool

0.2 Release2017 07 04

The second development release of Agroal improves the Narayana integration, as well as aligns with the development of the upcoming WildFly integration.

Feature Request

  • AG-14 - Implement a wrapper for HikariCP


  • AG-12 - Add OSGi bundle metadata
  • AG-13 - Fix the classloader used for loading the implementation
  • AG-24 - Fix username property in the connection factory
  • AG-25 - Return a new connection wrapper for connectable resources


  • AG-11 - Create a simple web page
  • AG-15 - Implement a benchmark
  • AG-16 - Continous integration
  • AG-17 - Deprecate PrefillMode and introduce initialSize
  • AG-18 - Add constructor and factory methods to AgroalDatasource that take AgroalListener as parameter
  • AG-19 - Implement integration with JBoss Threads for interrupt protection
  • AG-20 - Misc. code improvements suggested by static analysis
  • AG-21 - Allow connections without transaction in JTA environments
  • AG-22 - Deprecate interrupt protection and remove jboss-threads integration
  • AG-23 - Proper implementation of XAResourceWrapper