The natural database connection pool

0.1 Release2017 02 21

The first release of Agroal focus on migrating code from a pre-existing proof-of-concept repo and laying the foundation for further development. This initial release already includes some required features, like a robust connection pool with connection validation, leak detection and removal of idle connections, integration with Narayana for JTA transaction support, an extended set of metrics and a comprehensive DSL for configuration. All this licensed under a friendly Apache 2.0 license.


  • AG-1 - Create an issue tracker for the Agroal project
  • AG-2 - Create an organization in GitHub
  • AG-3 - Create a git repo for the connection pool source code
  • AG-4 - Choose a license for the project
  • AG-5 - Initial setup for the build infrastructure
  • AG-6 - Migrate API module from existent POC repo
  • AG-7 - Migrate pool module from existent POC repo
  • AG-8 - Migrate Narayana integration module from existent POC repo
  • AG-9 - Create initial test suite
  • AG-10 - Prepare build infrastructure for release